Great Wall Marathon 2008 (Tianjin)

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Organizer: Albatros Travel
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Series: There is another run of Adventure Marathon in China, the Great Tibet Marathon held in Tianjin. More about other Mountain Marathons...

Ambiguity: There is also another race, the Great Wall of China Marathon held in Beijing.


Women Marathon Men Marathon
1. Leanne Juul (South Africa, 4:09:10) 1. Romualdo Sanchez Garita (Mexico, 3:18:48)
2. Marion Wood (Scotland, 4:14:24) 2. Yunfeng Wang (China, 3:44:09)
3. Ilona Riedo-Baeriswyl (Switzerland, 4:18:59) 3. Michael Bufe (Germany, 3:46:37)
Women Half Marathon Men Half Marathon
1. Helene Rao (France, 1:55:54) 1. Andrew Dorobek (USA, 1:34:58)
2. Andrea McTamaney (2:10:47) 2. Justin Messenger (1:41:29)
3. Christine Manning (USA, 2:11:44) 3. Morten Stamov (Denmark, 1:44:29)
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