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Hong Kong Mountain Marathon 2009

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Since:     2001 or earlier
Organizer:    Seyon Asia
Course Record: 2:52:48 (Neil Tait, 2004)
Official Website:

Races: Half Marathon (18.6 km), Full Marathon (30.5 km)
Date:   01 February 2009
Time: 9:00 am (Half Marathon), 9.15 am (Full Marathon)
Where: Repulse Bay Beach (South)
Application: Enroll online or by mail. Read our registration tips.

Results 01 February 2009

Women Full Marathon (30.5 km) Men Full Marathon (30.5 km)
1. Bik Sai Li (4:06:59) 1. Chuck Cosman (3:08:28)
2. Mei Lun Yeung (4:14:23) 2. Jeremy Ritcey (3:10:18)
3. Siu Kuen Leung (4:40:09) 3. Jan Littlewood (3:21:23)
Women Half Marathon (18.6 km) Men Half Marathon (18.6km)
1. Lucy Marriott (2:13:21) 1. Dan Parr (1:58:32)
2. Kate Rutherford (2:26:05) 2. Peter Northam (1:59:32)
3. Lise Harrow (2:26:07) 3. Ping Leung (2:00:06)
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