Mizuno Hong Kong Half Marathon Championships 2009

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Organizer:    Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Organization
Course Record:  
Official Website: www.hkaaa.com

Races: Half Marathon
Date:   04 January 2009
Starting Time: 8:00 am
Where: Tai Mei Tuk Heliport, Tai Po
Participants: 2300

Results January 2009

Women Half Marathon Men Half Marathon
1. Suet Fei Li (1:24:51) 1. Thomas Kiprotich (1:09:34)
2. Sui Ping Fan (1:25:25) 2. Gi Ka Man (1:12:38)
3. Yuen Fan Leong  (1:26:53) 3. Andrew Naylor (1:13:32)
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Overall List

Details per category (organizer's website) picasa 1
  www.fotop.net 1
  www.fotop.net 2
  picasa 2

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