Great Tibetan Marathon 2009

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Organizer: Albatros Travel
Course Record:  
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Series: There is another run of Adventure Marathon in China, the Great Wall Marathon held in Tianjin. More about other Mountain Marathons...

Previous Event - 2008

Races: Full, Half Marathon and 10k
Date:   18 July 2009
Time: 7:00 am (Full Marathon)
Quota: n.a.
Application: To be booked with travel agents, in connection with organized group tour (Details).
Deadline for Application: Closed.

Results 18 July 2009

Women Marathon Men Marathon
1. Leanne Juul (RSA, 3:58:08) 1. Stanzin Otsal (India, 3:24:59)
2. Lizelle Brundyn (RSA, 4:29:13) 2. Graeme Lear (NZ, 3:41:16)
3. Kara Hobbs (USA, 4:32:30) 3. Stanzin Gainjong (India, 4:04:46)
Women Half Marathon Men Half Marathon
1. Namgail Lhamo (India, 2:07:42) 1. Yaqub Khan (India, 1:39:41)
2. Corinna Luna-Benavides (USA, 2:13:51) 2. Thinless Tamchos (India, 1:41:36)
3. Sonam Ladol (India, 2:23:17) 3. Lobzang Rinchen (India, 1:41:48)
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