Vasque® GORE-TEX® Big Wave Bay Trail Running Race 2009

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Since:     2009 (Before known as Perskindol Big Wave Bay Trail Run)
Organizer:    Hong Kong Marathon Pro
Course Record:  
Official Website:

Races: 32 km
Date:   11 January 2009
Starting Time: 9:00 am
Where: Shek O Big Wave Bay Village Car Park
Participants: 200

Results January 2009

Women 32 km Men 32 km
1. Mei Lun Yeung (2:54:04) 1. Eric Lahaie (2:22:04)
2. Catherine Leonard (2:56:01) 2. Chi Fai Cheung (2:23:51)
3. Shui Ping Chung (2:58:09) 3. William Crown (2:25:32)
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