Sun Hung Kai Properties China Coast Marathon 2009

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Since:     1981
Organizer    Athletic Veterans of Hong Kong
Course Record: 2:38:44 (Kevin Ball, 1989)
Official Website:

Races: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k Corporate Challenge (charity run)
Date:   18 January 2009
Time: 8:00 am (all categories)
Where: Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung
Quota: 1500
Application: Closed

Results 18 January 2009

Women Full Marathon Men Full Marathon
1. Pui Shan Chan (3:18:36) 1. Andrew Dominic Hennessy (2:45:16)
2. Angelina Kong (3:23:20) 2. Ka Wai Wong (2:54:56)
3. Chun Hing Chan (3:23:40) 3. Tung Hoi Yip (2:57:22)
Women Half Marathon Men Half Marathon
1. Sui Ping Fan (1:30:20) 1. Stefano Passarello (1:11:17)
2. Kit Yee Chan (1:33:08) 2. Adrian Horvath (1:17:17)
3. Helene Rao (1:36:16) 3. Tat Ming Choi (1:18:34)
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Full Marathon
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  picasa tw 2 (Full Marathon)
  picasa com 1 (Age group winners Half Marathon)
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