31st Hong Kong Distance Runners Club Half Marathon 2008

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Since:     1978
Organizer:    Hong Kong Distance Runners Club
Course Record: 1:09:46 (Gobinda Rai, 1985)
Official Website: www.hkdrc.org
Races: Half Marathon
Where: Plover Cove Country Park
Next Event:   32nd HKDRC Half Marathon 2009
Participants: <1,200

Winner of HKDRC Half Marathon 2008 (Women) Women Half Marathon Men Half Marathon
1. Chan Chun Hing  (1:32:59) 1. Stefano Passarello (1:14:06)
2. Chan Pui Shan  (1:34:38) 2. Erich Felbabel (1:15:59)
3. Rosamund Baruen   (1:36:06) 3. Lo Chun Hong (1:17:48)
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  IMG_5650(Album courtesy of HKDRC)  
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  www.flickr.com 2  

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