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Sham Tseng Mountain Marathon

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Since:     2001 or earlier
Organizer    Seyon Asia
Course Record: 3:34:45 (Neil Tait, 2005)
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Women Full Marathon (37 km) Men Full Marathon (37 km)
1. Lai Po Lam 1. William Davies
2. Bik-Sai Ida Lee 2. Rob James
3. Mei Lun Yeung 3. Chuck Cosman
Women Half Marathon (22.5 km) Men Half Marathon (22.5 km)
1. Claire Price 1. Adrian King
2. Lucy Candida Marriott 2. Jan Littlewood
3. Puy Yan Chow 3. Stefano Passarello
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Full Marathon (37 km)
Half Marathon (22.5 km)

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